Renewable Energy Systems

In addition to our traditional electrical services, Scholl Electric is proud to offer services to help you lower your energy costs.

No matter where you stand on climate change and global warming, there should be no disagreement that energy is best derived from clean, renewable resources like wind power or solar energy. The sun and wind are both an endless resource, the purest form of energy we have.

According to the US DOE data for 2009, 45% of residential energy consumption in the US was for space heating and 18% for water heating – (total 53%). The rest 47% was consumed for space cooling, lighting, electronics, refrigeration, computer and others.

Renewable energy systems for your home or business are much more affordable than people realize, because of the continuing drop in price for solar panels and wind turbines. New technology, increased product efficiency, and more manufacturers have driven prices down.

Federal legislation has created a 30% tax credit for anyone that purchases solar panels, wind turbines, or other alternative energy products. The credit also covers solar panel installation costs and costs associated with wind turbine installation. Additional incentives from state, local government and utilities can reduce the upfront cost for solar energy panels and wind power by as much as 70%. Not only will these renewable energy products save you on your energy bills, they will also increase the value of your home.

For more information about renewable energy systems, contact Scholl Electric today.

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